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   2016 Calendar of Events

Day Start Time Event Location
TUE 12-Jan-16 7:00:00 PM Regulation Enforcement Cabelas
FRI 15-Jan-16 10:00:00 AM River E Collegiate FF class RE Collegiate
TUE 19-Jan-16 7:00:00 PM Fly Tying Demo Cabelas
TUE 26-Jan-16 7:00:00 PM Salt Water Fishing Cabelas
SAT 30-Jan-16 9:00:00 AM Fly Tying Fort Whyte
TUE 2-Feb-16 7:00:00 PM Fishing in CUBA Cabelas
SAT 6-Feb-16 9:00:00 AM Foam Fly Tying McBeth House
TUE 9-Feb-16 7:00:00 PM Life in the Wild Cabelas
FRI-SUN 12-Feb-16 4:00:00 PM Manitoba Outdoor Show Red River EX Park
TUE 16-Feb-16 7:00:00 PM Adventures North Cabelas
TUE 23-Feb-16 7:00:00 PM Zebra Mussels & sport fishing Cabelas
TUE 1-Mar-16 7:00:00 PM Fish Carving Cabelas
SAT 5-Mar-16 9:00:00 AM Fly Tying Demo Cabelas
TUE 8-Mar-16 7:00:00 PM Fly Tying Cabelas
SAT 12-Mar-16   ROSSBURN FF seminar Rossburn Elem. School
TUE 15-Mar-16 7:00:00 PM Don Lamont Cabelas
SAT 19-Mar-16 9:00:00 AM Seminar and Casting Clinic- Bill Spicer Victoria Inn
SUN 20-Mar-16 9:00:00 AM Seminar -Bill Spicer Victoria Inn
TUE 22-Mar-16 7:00:00 PM Awards Night Cabelas
SAT 26-Mar-16 9:00:00 AM Rod Building ?
TUE 29-Mar-16 7:00:00 PM Alberta Fishing Cabelas
TUE 5-Apr-16 7:00:00 PM Vice night and fly-tying Cabelas
TUE 12-Apr-16 7:00:00 PM Intro Back Country Camping Cabelas
SAT 16-Apr-16 6:00:00 PM Banquet ?
TUE 19-Apr-16 7:00:00 PM Fish Finders, Trolling Motors, etc Cabelas
SAT 23-Apr-16 9:00:00 AM Open House and FF seminar Cabelas
TUE 26-Apr-16 7:00:00 PM Spring Primer Cabelas
SAT 30-Apr-16   Turtle Mountain Outing Boissevain
TUE 3-May-16 7:00:00 PM Pheasant Farming or Crazy Fly tying Cabelas
SAT 7-May-16   Fly Fishing School Fort Whyte
SUN 8-May-16   Mothers day  
TUE 10-May-16 5:00:00 PM Casting night Garsen Ponds
MON 23-May-16   Victoria Day  
TUE 24-May-16 5:00:00 PM Lockport Outing Lockport
THU 26-May-16   BUG Chucker Cup Roblin MB
SAT 28-May-16   NOPIMING Bass outing Black Lake
SAT 4-Jun-16   East Parklands Brandon Group Outing Patterson Lake
TUE 7-Jun-16 5:00:00 PM Lockport Outing Lockport
SAT 11-Jun-16   Footprint Outing Foot Print Lake
FRI 24-Jun-16   George Lake Outing George Lake
FRI 1-Jul-16   Canada Day Holiday  
SAT 2-Jul-16   License-free fishing in Ontario  
SUN 28-Aug-16 2:00:00 PM Club Family Picnic Earl
MON 5-Sep-16   Labour Day Holiday  
TUE 13-Sep-16 7:00:00 PM Fall Primer Cabelas
SAT 17-Sep-16   Parklands West Outing Roblin MB
TUE 20-Sep-16 7:00:00 PM Fall Fly Patterns Cabelas
TUE 27-Sep-16 7:00:00 PM Equipment, materials and fly swap night Cabelas
FRI 30-Sep-16   Footprint Outing Foot Print Lake
TUE 4-Oct-16 7:00:00 PM Fly tying  
SAT 8-Oct-16 9:00:00 AM Beginner''s fly tying McBeth House
MON 10-Oct-16 7:00:00 PM Thanksgiving Holiday  
TUE 11-Oct-16 7:00:00 PM Bamboo rod building Cabelas
TUE 18-Oct-16 7:00:00 PM Crazy Fly Tying Compeition Cabelas
SAT 22-Oct-16 9:00:00 AM Fly Tying McBeth House
TUE 25-Oct-16 7:00:00 PM Members night Cabelas
TUE 1-Nov-16 7:00:00 PM Annual General Meeting Cabelas
TUE 6-Dec-16   Christmas Gathering/Pot Luck ?