Day Start Time Event Location
MON 1-Jan-18   New Years Day  
TUE 02-Jan-18 7:00 PM Fishing Up North Riverview CC
TUE 09-Jan-18 7:00 PM Brian Paraker Riverview CC
TUE 16-Jan-18 7:00 PM Favourite Flies Riverview CC
TUE 23-Jan-18 7:00 PM Ben Brodeur - Roblin Economic Development Riverview CC
TUE 30-Jan-18 7:00 PM Scott Higgins, research scientist at the Experimental Lakes Area Riverview CC
SAT 03-Feb-18 9:00 AM McBeth Fly Tying McBeth House
TUE 06-Feb-18 7:00 PM Fly Tying - Jordan Bannerman, entomologist Riverview CC
TUE 13-Feb-18 7:00 PM Aquatic Invasive Species with Candace Parks Riverview CC
SAT 17-Feb-18 10:30 AM-4:30 PM Fly Tying Seminar Fort Whyte Alive
MON 19-Feb-18   Louis Riel Day  
TUE 20-Feb-18 7:00 PM Musky Fishing with Matt Cornell Riverview CC


24-Feb-18 9:00 AM McBeth Fly Tying McBeth House
TUE 27-Feb-18 7:00 PM 50 Years of MFFA Conservation with Bruce Cameron Riverview CC
TUE 06-Mar-18 7:00 PM Whiteshell Rehabilitation Project Riverview CC
TUE 13-Mar-18 7:00 PM Preparing to go Saltwater Fishing Riverview CC
TUE 20-Mar-18 7:00 PM Awards Night Riverview CC
TUE 27-Mar-18 7:00 PM Fly tying Riverview CC
FRI 30-Mar-18   Good Friday  
TUE 03-Apr-18 7:00 PM Equipment and Fly Swap Riverview CC
SAT 07-Apr-18 9:00 AM McBeth Fly Tying McBeth House
TUE 10-Apr-18 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
TUE 17-Apr-18 7:00 PM Equipment Selection, Maintenance, and Updating Riverview CC
SAT 21-Apr-18 7:00 PM Banquet Riverview CC
TUE 24-Apr-18 7:00 PM Spring Primer/Lockport Riverview CC

27-Apr-18 to 29-Apr-18

  Boisevein Outing  
TUE 01-May-18 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
SAT 05-May-18   Fly Fishing School Fort Whyte Alive
TUE 08-May-18 7:00 PM Antique Fly Fishing Riverview CC
SUN 13-May-18   Mother's day  
TUE 15-May-18 7:00 PM Casting Competing Night Highland Sport Fishing Park
SAT 19-May-18   Casting at Highland SF Park  
MON 21-May-18   Victoria Day  
TUE 22-May-18   Lockport Outing  
THU 24-May-18   Bug Chucker Cup  
SAT 02-Jun-18   Nopiming Bass Outing  
TUE 05-Jun-18   Lockport outing  
FRI-SUN 09-Jun-18 to 10-Jun-18   Footprint Outing  
SUN 17-Jun-18   Father's day  
THU-SUN 21-Jun-18 to 24-Jun-18   George Lake Outing  
SUN 01-Jul-18   Canada day  
MON 02-Jul-18   Canada Day Holiday  
MON 06-Aug-18   Civic holiday  
SUN 26-Aug-18   Family Picnic  
MON 03-Sep-18   Labour day  
TUE 04-Sep-18 7:00 PM Fall Primer Riverview CC
TUE 11-Sep-18 7:00 PM Creative Tying Riverview CC
FRI 14-Sep-18 6:00 PM Denny Rickards Seminar Riverview CC
Sat 15-Sep-18 9:00 AM Denny Rickards Seminar Riverview CC
SUN 16-Sep-18   Denny Rickards on Patterson  
TUE 18-Sep-18 7:00 PM Fly tying Riverview CC
TUE 25-Sep-18 7:00 PM Knot Strength Riverview CC
FRI-SUN 28-Sep-18 to 30-Sep18   Fall Foot print Outing  
TUE 02-Oct-18 7:00 PM   Riverview CC
SAT-SUN 06-Oct-18 to 07-Oct-18   Turkey in the Ducks  
MON 08-Oct-18   Thanksgiving holiday  
TUE 09-Oct-18 7:00 PM New Zealand Fishing Riverview CC
TUE 16-Oct-18 7:00 PM Manufacturers Technical Night Riverview CC
TUE 23-Oct-18 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
TUE 30-Oct-18 7:00 PM AGM Riverview CC
TUE 06-Nov-18 7:00 PM Social / Awards Night/ Rod Draw Riverview CC
SUN 11-Nov-18   Rememberence day