Day Start Time Event Location
TUE 1-Jan-19   New Years Day  
MON 07-Jan-19 7:00 PM Executive Meeting-Cabin TBA
TUE 08-Jan-19 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
TUE 15-Jan-19 7:00 PM Fly Fishing at Seal River-Noel Linsay Cabelas
TUE 22-Jan-19 7:00 PM Scott Forbes Cabelas
TUE 29-Jan-19 7:00 PM Don Lamont Riverview CC
TUE 05-Feb-19 9:00 AM Fly Tying Riverview CC
FRI-SUN 08-Feb to 10 Feb 19 7:00 PM Outdoor Show  
TUE 12-Feb-19 7:00 PM Walleye Club News-Craig Ferris Riverview CC
SAT 16-Feb-19   Whiteshell Fly Tying Workshop  
MON 18-Feb-19   Louis Riel Day  
TUE 19-Feb-19 7:00 PM MB Stocking Program/Fisheries-Jeff Long Riverview CC
TUE 26-Feb-19 7:00 PM Lake Superior Fishing-Bruce Cameron Riverview CC
FRI-SUN 28-Feb to 03-Mar-19   Boat Show  
TUE 05-Mar-19 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
TUE 12-Mar-19 7:00 PM FWEF-John Williams Riverview CC
TUE 19-Mar-19 7:00 PM Fly Fishing Setups-Stu Thompson Riverview CC
TUE 26-Mar-19 7:00 PM Cat Fishing the Red-Stu Thompson Riverview CC
TUE 02-Apr-19 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
TUE 09-Apr-19 7:00 PM Cabin Information Night Riverview CC
SAT 13-Apr-19 7:00 PM MFFA Banquet Riverview CC
TUE 16-Apr-19 7:00 PM Everything You Need to Know About the Bug Chucker Cup-John Veenstra Riverview CC
FRI 19-Apr-19   Good Friday  
TUE 23-Apr-19 7:00 PM Muskie Fishing-Matt Cornell Riverview CC
TUE 30-Apr-19 7:00 PM Spring Primer Riverview CC
TUE 07-May-19 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
TUE 24-Apr-19 7:00 PM Spring Primer Riverview CC
TUE 01-May-19 7:00 PM Muskie Fishing with Matt Cornell Riverview CC
SAT 04-May-19 10:30 AM-6:00 PM Fly Fishing School Riverview CC
FRI-SUN 03-May to 05-May-19   Turtle Mountain Outing  
SAT-SUN 04-May to 05-May-19   Wood Carving Show Pembina CC
SUN 12-May-19   Mother's day  
TUE 14-May-19 7:00 PM Casting Night Riverview CC
MON 20-May-19   Victoria Day  
MON-WED 20-May to 22-May-19   Youth Fly Fishing Camp  
TUE 21-May-19  6:00 PM Lockport Outing  
THU-SAT 23-May to 25-May-19   Bug Chucker Cup  
SAT-SUN 01-Jun to 02-Jun-19   Nopiming Bass Outing  
TUE 04-Jun-19  6:00 PM Lockport Outing  
FRI-SUN 07-Jun to 09-Jun-19   Footprint Outing  
SAT 15-Jun-19   Whiteshell River Cleanup  
SUN 16-Jun-19   Fathers Day  
THU-SUN 20-Jun to 23-Jun-19   George Lake Outing  
SUN 01-Jul-19   Canada Day  
MON 02-Jul-19   Canada Day Holiday  
SAT-SUN 20-Jul to 21-Jul-19   Whiteshell Fly Fishing Workshops  
MON 05-Aug-19   Civic holiday  
MON 02-Sep-19   Labour Day  
TUE 03-Sep-19 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
TUE 10-Sep-19 7:00 PM Fall Primer Riverview CC
TUE 17-Sep-19 7:00 PM Wildlife Rehabilitation Riverview CC
TUE 24-Sep-19 7:00 PM Stu Thompson Show Riverview CC
FRI-SUN 27-Sep to 29-Sep 19   Fall Footprint Outing  
TUE 01-Oct-19 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
TUE 08-Oct-19 7:00 PM Fish Smoking Riverview CC
MON 14-Oct-19   Thanksgiving holiday  
TUE 15-Oct-19 7:00 PM Fish Stories-Truth and Lies-Ken Sawich Riverview CC
TUE 22-Oct-19 7:00 PM International Fly Fishing Film Festival Park Theatre
TUE 29-Oct-19 7:00 PM Production Fly Tying-Mike Corrigan /Stu Thompson Riverview CC
TUE 05-Nov-19 7:00 PM Fly Tying Riverview CC
MON 11-Nov-19 7:00 PM Remembrance Day Riverview CC
TUE 12-Nov-19 7:00 PM Social / Awards Night Riverview CC