This is the taper chart of the rod showing the dimensions of the tip and butt sections in 5 inch increments called stations.  The rod dimension at station 90 shows 0.312 inch and this station will be hidden in the reel seat.  As reel seat and cork grip for a rod of this size will add up to 10 inches, stations 80 and 85 will also be hidden under the grip/reel seat assembly.  Our strips need to be half of the rod dimensions, which is  0.156 at station 90.  


For rough planing we are not looking for a tapered strip, just a triangular strip of a given dimension all along the strip.  I planed the above strip up to the second last groove which is 0.188 deep.  Measurements taken all along the strips show 0.188 plus or minus 0.005.  That is fine by me at this stage, it’s rough planing for a reason ;-).  I will plane the other five strips to the same dimensions.


If anyone is wondering about the plane blade hitting the surface of my jig, it does not.  I groove the sole of this plane to a depth of 0.004 inch and as long as I take shavings thinner than 0.004, the fat portions of the sole will hit the jig surface before the blade.  


.0025 shaving.  When I get to final planing I will be aiming for 0.001 shavings or less.  


Next strip.  This is why squaring off the sides was required - makes the strip sit better in the groove.


Angle appearing on the left side.  Time to flip to the right side.


Right side angle showing now.  Back to the left side and so on until the plane does not bite anymore.  Then move to the next groove and so on.  As I move from groove to groove I start flipping the strip every two passes of the plane two keep good geometry.