My rough planing jig.  Tried several jigs so far.  Made this one last month and used it on the 9ft, 8wt rod I am working on.  I like this jig.  I made one last year based on a trim router mounted horizontally. Works well, but I find I can be just as fast, if not faster just hand planing.  The aim here is to go from a square/rectangular strip to a triangular strip with 60 degree angles - equilateral triangle. 


The strip partially planed. Planing is only done on two sides, never on the enamel side.



And we have our 60 degree angle.  Note the curvature of the enamel side.  Some rod makers will preserve the curvature on the finished rod.  Others will sand it flat, or very close to it.  While some might sand flat now, I won’t do so until final planing.  Doing it now will take off more power fibers (dark area) than sanding later.  The diagram above should illustrate the idea.