The writing is done!  A little more complicated to do with the rub on finish.  Got to protect the ink with a varnish first otherwise the rubbing action takes it away.  Much simpler to do when dipping the rod sections into a varnish tube -write/sign when a coat is dry, dip the section again and you’re done.  


Credit given to Tom Smithwick, the rod maker who designed the anniversary rod taper.  Had the pleasure of meeting him last May at Canadian Cane, a bamboo rod makers gathering held in Fergus, ON, every two years.  A real gentleman.  He designed a family of four rods from 3 to 6wt and from 6’ to 7’ 6” that pretty much all cast the same.  I tried the little sister of our anniversary rod, the 4wt he had completed just before the gathering and it is possibly the best rod I’ve tried.  The tapers are available for free to anyone wishing to use them.  


The finish on the reel seat insert is done.  All parts assembled and epoxied.  Should look good on the rod.