Started the rub on finish this morning.  Right tip is coated, left tip is bare.  First coat does not do much, but it gets shinier fast with follow-on coats. 


Snake Brand snake guides, the best in my opinion.

No work required to make them sit flat in their own.  They are ready to wrap on the rod out of the box.  Here I shaped the feet of the right guide to match the feet shape of the stripping guide, just my preference. It will also help the tread climb smoothly on the feet when wrapping.  


All done.  About 15 minutes of work, thanks to my little friend Dremel.  The keen observer will notice that the winding check is off the butt section contrary to what I mentioned in an earlier post.  On this rod it can slide over the female ferrule. It happens sometime with certain tapers if the taper has a faster increase approaching the grip.



I was planning on turning a birch bark reel seat insert to match the grip of the Anniversary rod, but also looked at option 4 in the second pic, and options 1 and 3 in the last pic to get some Kingfisher blue tones.  After a few comments I ordered option 1 of the last pic to take a look.  I can always use it on a future rod, if not on this one.