Time to put the rest of the strips away, including our two spares.


Final sanding done (wet sanding to 1500 grit) and I have found and marked the spine of the butt.  I need to know this right now so I can do the writing on the appropriate flats.  The writing normally starts one flat down from the top, which is opposite the spine.  
At the 23 Jan 2018 weekly meeting I showed two sections from two different rods, each with a different finish.  One had a Spar varnish finish obtained by dipping the rod sections in a tube filled with varnish and pulled out a few inches per minute.  A proven system that has been used for decades.  The other section had a rub-on finish that I just tried for the first time on the previous rod I glued and on which I am about to put the guides.  The attendance unanimously  opted for the rub-on finish for the Anniversary rod. With this finish I need to do the writing first before applying the finish.  With the Spar varnish finish I write after coat one or two of five.


Here the bark grip is temporarily put on and the spacing is adjusted by comparing with one of my rods that has the same reel seat I have ordered for our Anniversary rod, but in a black finish.  

Also on is the winding check and I am adding space for the hook keeper and some decorative wraps before the writing. The pencil marks show where the writing will go.  


Easier to see with tape. 



Out of curiosity I put each tip section on the scale after final varnish and with ferrules glued on.  The scale is in grains.  Not even a grain difference.  Not bad!


A light blueing of the ferrules to match the rest of the hardware.


Speaking of hardware, this came in today (26 Jan 2018).  I made an error and ordered only one tip-top.  Fortunately I had two of the right size in my supplies box and they already have been matched and fitted to their respective tip.  The blue and black reel seat insert is not for this rod.  It was just an experiment I did with a synthetic product.