Trimming the sections (3).
While I just said I could carry on with glueing the ferrules and trim the butt section later, I do want to trim most of the excess now, which will allow me to go through a little more simple math just for your pleasure :-).


Our two sections lined up at the 0 mark on the ruler.  Remember that the female ferrule adds 0.600 to the length of the butt section.  


In this pic, contrary to the previous picture, I have moved the tip of the butt section to the 0 mark on the ruler to show where to mark when reducing the length by 0.600 - the pencil mark.  This is almost our cut mark, except for the minor adjustment required for the reel seat cap.  For now I will cut at the first red line to the left.


Here it is.  In summary I achieved the trimming of the tip section as follows:
Fit the tip top, measure to 45 inches and mark, add half of the slide (0.300 inch), mark and cut.  Total length: 45.300 inches after accounting for the 1/32 inch of the ferrule cap.
The trimming of the butt section went like this.  I cut the top end of the butt section at the common taper dimension point.  I added half the slide dimension (0.300) and then subtracted the 0.600 the female ferrule will add to the overall length and cut on that line: 45 + 0.300 - 0.600= 44.700 inches of bamboo length  on the butt section.  When the female ferrule is glued on, the butt section will measure 45.300 inches, matching our tip section.  When assembled the rod will measure 90 inches.  


Let’s line everything up again.


This is what we get at the other end.  The reel seat cap will move the pencil mark slightly right by an amount equal to its thickness.  This is not the reel seat for this rod, but it illustrates the point.  

Hope this trimming section was clear.  Now just picture trimming a three-piece rod with two female ferrules of different dimensions.  That’s when I turn off the music, the phone, lock the door and don’t talk to anyone for a while.