Trimming our sections (2)


The tip top is on the tip section and flushed to the 0 mark on my ruler.  The male ferrule cap is on the 45 inch mark on the ruler.  If I cut the bamboo at 45 I will end up with a rod of less than 90 inches because, you guessed it, of the slide we discussed earlier.  


We solve this by adding half of the slide to each section.  Here I’m adding 0.300 inch to the tip and marking it, first pencil mark left of the ferrule.  This is my cut line for the tip.  I transfer that line to the butt section to preserve the continuity of the taper and this is now the cut line for the butt section top end.  Time to cut the tip.


Tip cut.  Note that the bamboo end is slightly right of the cap of the ferrule.  The cap is at the right spot on the ruler.  It is 1/32 inch thick, so I accounted for it when I cut the bamboo.  Time to cut the top end of the butt section.


Done!  Basically the trimming is done to a point where out tip is cut to final length, and I can leave the butt as is for now and carry on with fitting the ferrules.  I will trim it later as the reel seat cap thickness will also need to be accounted for when doing the final trim.  This will be done without math - simply line up the tip end of the butt with the tip end of the tip, place the reel seat at its rightful place so it lines up with the male ferrule of the tip section, mark the butt and cut.  


Tip section still on top, showing the waste pieces.