Trimming the sections.


First we need to mark our sections at a common dimension.  Tip section on top in the above picture.  The common dimension is obviously near the bottom of the tip section and near the top of the butt section. The pencil marks are both at dimension 0.222 on each section.  Dimensions decrease at the same rate right of the marks and increase at the same rate left of the marks.  These are not cut lines, just reference lines to figure out our trimming.  The aim is to have the bottom end of the tip section going into the male ferrule the same size as the tip end of the butt section going into the female ferrule so our taper is respected all along the rod.  We can now figure out where to cut the tip section. 



The easiest section to figure out is the tip.  We have a known start point at station 0.  Our target dimension is 0.070 on the taper chart and our tip is right at 0.070 on the station pencil mark.  


Taper chart.  Station 0=0.070. 


Mark, cut and sand at station 0.


Then figure out the length of the slide of the tip-top and transpose to the tip.


The tip corners need a bit of scraping to get a fit. 


We have a fit and we just increased the length of our tip section by an amount X.