After all the work to get as close to perfect triangular strips as I could I am now going to sand the apex of each strip.  I needed a good apex throughout to measure and make sure we reached the correct dimensions.  I will sand down a few thousands of an inch.  As close to perfection as one can plane strips there will invariably be a 0.001, even a 0.0005 difference here and there.  These slight variations may result in two or more strips fighting to occupy the center of the hexagonal rod when glueing up.  If this happens the strips may not mate with one another as tightly as they should and glue joints may even become visible on the finished rod.


Apex sanded.  Two minutes of work that can prevent a lot of frustration later.


Out of curiosity and after all the planing let’s see how close the weights of the tips came to each other.


One grain!  Not bad!


Time for glue up.  First, a good cleaning of the strips with isopropyl alcohol.


Next, tape the strips together in their proper order.


A careful incision on all the tapes to allow....


....opening up the section.