Streamkeeper Outing - Whiteshell Fish Hatchery Interpretive Centre - Whiteshell Provincial Park, Saturday June 15, 2024

Registration Deadline May 15, 2024

  • Name:  John Drabble
  • Ph/text number: 204-290-0840
  • Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Time: 10 AM to 5 PM

This is a Conservation Education and Mentored Outing highlighting the MFFA's Conservation and Rehabilitation efforts on the Whiteshell River. The MFFA supported by the FWEF (Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund) has funded 8 Conservation Projects totaling close to $200,000 at this site since 1990 . All members are welcome. In addition this Outing will provide Mentored Flyfishing opportunities for novice fishers along with a River and Hatchery Tour including the Kingfisher Anger Access Trail. Additionally an annual Trail maintenance and Streamkeeper River cleanup is part of the days activities. A day end bbq is held at the Interpretive Centre.
  • Travel east on TC Highway to West Hawk Lake turnoff.  Turn north on Hwy #44 and travel into West Hawk Lake turning West (left  at the Nighthawk Cafe) at the town intersection . Travel north on #44 til PR #312 intersection (Fish Hatchery Road) . Turn East (right) and travel to the Whiteshell Hatchery located immediately on your left after crossing the bridge over the Whiteshell River . There are signs along Hwy #44 indicating the turn to the hatchery . Parking is available in an area immediately after crossing the bridge to the left of the hatchery driveway or at the Interpretive Centre site.
  • Cell Phone coverage is good in this area.
  • There are many area Resorts, Motels and restaurants in both West Hawk Lake and Falcon Lake areas along with campgrounds in both, as well as Caddy Lake. Make reservations well in advance. 
What to bring 
  • Waders ro wading boots, wading sticks, flyfishing vests, packs, a small to medium sized net.
  • Rods: 4, to 6 weights are recommended, reels with floating and sink tip lines.
  • Polaroid sunglasses and hats are highly recommended for both safety and sight fishing due to the clarity of the River.
  • Small packable camping saws work well for trail maintenance. Garbage bags will be provided.
  • Work gloves and safety glasses for trail and river cleanup .
  • Provincial Park Pass
  • Water and something for a snack/lunch.   
  • Sun and rain protection
  • Washroom facilities are available at the back of the Interpretive Centre.
Fishing Info
  • While there are stocked trout in the River there are also migratory walleye, bass and pike depending on the river flow.  This fluctuates year to year depending on early season rainfalls and downstream barriers such as  beaver dams.  Leaders and tippets in the 6x-4x (3 to 6 lb) range for trout and a few stronger leaders or tippet material are  recommended for any encounters with the warm water species that can reach the upper sections of the river.
  • Small poppers and mice patterns can be fun along certain sections of the river for both trout and smallmouth bass.
  • Weighted muddlers and various minnow pattern flies work well for all species.
  • Dry and wet flies in addition to weighted nymphs can all be effective.
Outing Information
  • Must be an MFFA member to participate in the contest but guests are welcome . Guest waiver forms must be completed and are available on-line here and a printable version here.
  • Additionally because this Outing is in a Provincial Park all volunteers must complete and bring with them the Voluntary Backcountry Labourer Waiver Form available here
  • An all-participant hat draw will take place for all volunteers at the day end BBQ .
  • Prize: $50 gift card for Fishing Hole
  • Trip Advisor offers  good reviews and pictures on The Whiteshell Fish Hatchery Interpretive Centre here
Fishing Regulations
  • All trout must be released.  
  • The MFFA encourages practicing good catch and release methods for the warm water species.  
  • This is a MFFA Conservation and Education based Fishery.

If you're curious about the hatchery, check out this video: