MFFA Conservation Objective: To encourage and support all persons and agencies dedicated to the preservation of clean water and good fishing, and to actively promote sound conservation practices and resource management in Manitoba.

Catch and Release

We support safe fish handling techniques when practicing catch and release angling.  Further information can be found here (provided by the Swan Valley Sports Fishing Enhancement group.)


The MFFA received a $9000 grant to develop place educational signage promoting safe fish handling techniques.  More information will be coming soon but an excellent resource can be found at


Trail Enhancements

The MFFA presentation of the new Kingfisher Angler Access Trail signs to Whiteshell Provincial Park Senior Interpreter Adam Collicutt. 



Underwater Camera 

New Whiteshell River underwater camera system has been successfully installed.


Here's a sample of the underwater camera in action:


MFFA River Rehabilitation Efforts

Everyone can check out pictures of the Whiteshell River Enhancement Project provided by Bruce Cameron here.  And while Covid restrictions certainly limited the MFFAʼs activities, we were still able to participate in a Whiteshell River Conservation outing in Spring 2020. Check out some great shots and information here.   

You can check out the Whiteshell River Fish and Habitat Survey from 2008 by clicking here.

More Conservation News

Check out what the Swan Valley Sport Fishing Enhancement group is doing in the Duck Mountain area.  It's all in their newsletter here.  Or check their Facebook page here.