If you are interested in getting some casting instruction, or just doing some practice, show up at Riverview Community Centre before our regular Tuesday meeting. Proceed directly to the sports field behind the building. Arrive at 17:30 for setup. Instruction will start at 17:45 and will run until 18:30. Masks are required and those joining us for the regular meeting afterwards remember that proof of vaccination is required to enter Riverview.

Those seeking instruction will be divided into two groups. Group A will be the beginners - zero to limited experience. Those with more experience will be in Group B. Group B may be broken down further based on what each individual wants to work on.  

If you plan on attending, below is what you need to do. Email Marcel Duval at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide one of the following two inputs: 

1. Full name, Group A - and indicate “rod/reel needed” if applicable; or 
2. Full name, Group B. It is assumed people in this group all have a rod. 

Please provide your email input by Monday so the appropriate number of instructors can be informed in a timely manner.



Thanks to our 2020 corporate sponsors! 

MFFA is proud to acknowledge the following corporate sponsors for their support of our annual fundraising banquet and other activities:


















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